Tanning Fail: Bodybuilder Applies The Bronzer For Competition, But Forgets To Do His Face (Photos)

It’s common practice for bodybuilders to get a tan before a competition, either the old fashioned way or with the fake spray-on stuff.  The reason?  Well, for white guys, the bright lights tend to wash them out and decrease the appearance of muscle tone. So, to enhance the contrast between the glare of the lights on the skin and the actual skin tone in all those muscle crevices, they tan.

Oh, and of course, they also like to dehydrate themselves and apply a couple quarts of olive oil.

Anyway, the point is, tanning is normal for bodybuilders. For example, here is a shot of typical white dudes at the Arnold Classic Europe competition in Madrid this past weekend:

body builders tanning fake tan tanner 1

And here’s another one:

body builders fak tan tanning tanner 2

One thing you’ll notice about these ridiculous men is that, while they look like caricatures of the dudes from Jersey Shore, they at least took the time to tan their entire bodies evenly.

This other guy from the same competition? Not so much. He either ran out of spray tan after doing his body, or he just forgot to do his head, because…well, just look at him:

bodybuilder tanning fail

I know they’re probably just supposed to judge the muscles, but you’d have to think the judges docked some points on this guy’s scorecard just for looking like an idiot, right?

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