As Usual, There Were A Couple Of Drunken Fights Around The NFL This Past Weekend (Video)

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Believe it or not, this week we actually have footage from two separate fan skirmishes at two separate NFL games, and neither one involved Raiders fans. Of course, that’s probably because the Raiders were playing in Atlanta on Sunday.  But hey, I’m sure the folks in the Raiders’ PR department—assuming they have one—will take whatever non-negative publicity they can get.

Anyway, the first incident occurred at Reliant Stadium in Houston, where the Texans were hosting (and getting blown away by) the Packers. Compared to some of the other fan fights we’ve seen this season involving women, this one is relatively tame, pretty much limited to pushing and shoving. However, it does feature an awful lot of dudes wearing cowboy hats, which is fun.

Check it out:

Now we take you from Texas to New Jersey, where a fight broke out involving exactly zero men in cowboy hats. What it did involve, however, was a crying, hysterical pregnant woman trying to hit some dude—and both of them are Jets fans.

It’s not clear what sparked the incident, but the person who uploaded the video said the expecting mother was being harassed. And while it doesn’t appear like the guy ever got physically violent with her, some other fans did feel the need to intervene and scold the guy for arguing with a woman. Then everyone else in the section started chanting “aaaaasshooooooole” as he was being escorted away by security.

Take a look, but turn your volume down if you’re at work, because there is some salty language:

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