Texas Tech Streaker Gets Tackled While Trying To Strip On The Field (Video)

texas tech streaker

A word to the wise:  if you are going to streak at a sporting event, you may want to take your clothes off before you make it onto the field of play.

On second thought, I’m fairly certain “the wise” don’t partake in streaking, so I guess the above suggestion was more of a “word to the not-so-wise.”  Regardless, the reason I bring up such advice is because during Texas Tech’s 49-14 drubbing of West Virginia on Saturday, a Red Raiders fan made it onto the field at Jones AT&T Stadium to do some early celebratory streaking, but his run was cut short when he was tackled by a nearby officer while attempting to ditch his pants.

Check it out:

That was one heck of a tackle by the officer.  And by my count, it also gave him one more tackle than the entire West Virginia defense.

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