Check Out This Vicious Soccer Brawl…Between 12-Year-Olds! (Video)

brazil u13 soccer brawl

I know Brazilians take their soccer very seriously, but this is ridiculous.

This past weekend, a youth match between Bahia and Vitoria was called off and riot police had to be called in after a brawl broke out. And no, the brawl wasn’t in the stands between crazy parents, or between the coaches, or the coaches and the refs, or anything like that. The brawl was between the players—all of whom were under the age of 13.

According to reports, it all started with a Vitoria forward goading the Bahia goalie and two members of the back. Then, when the goalie gave the kid a not-so-vicious punch to the back of his shoulder, he turned, grabbed his neck, and fell dramatically to the ground, much like you would expect any soccer player to do.

That’s when all hell broke loose. Players on both teams were running all over the field, kicking and punching each other. Eventually, according to Brazilian media, police broke up the melee.

Here’s video of the brutal scene from a local news report. I don’t speak Portuguese, so I have no idea what the anchors are saying about it, but I assume it’s something along the lines of, “what the everliving f— is going on?”

The crazy thing is, back in June, there was a very similar brawl at another Brazilian soccer game. The only difference was that it was between grown men playing professionally, not a bunch of 12-year-olds.

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