Check Out This Spinning Backfist KO Delived By A 62-Year-Old Alaskan MMA Fighter (Video)

spinning backfist mma knockout

Every MMA fan likes a good spinning backfist, right?

Of course, it’s kind of a risky maneuver. If you land it, you can deliver a knockout to your opponent in dramatic fashion and get yourself on sports blogs all across the interwebs. Here, the badass backfist by Pete Spratt on Daniel Acacio comes to mind.

On the other hand, if you should miss, not only have you wasted a rare opportunity, but you’ve left yourself extremely vulnerable to a counter-attack. Just ask Chael Sonnen about that.

However, one amateur MMA fighter in Alaska was willing to take that risk recently, and it paid off.

The event? Something called the “AK Beatdown,” which serves as a fundraiser for the Juneau Combat Sports Academy.

The fighters? Some 38-year-old named Weeg Hewson and a 62-year-old named Wayne Smallwood.

The result? The oldtimer, Smallwood, lands a spinning backfist that sends the young whippersnapper to the mat, winning the bout by TKO.

Have a look:

Pretty awesome, right?

Sure, Smallwood moves like a rusty tin man, and sure, Hewson is out of breath after just a minute of fighting, but a spinning backfist KO is still a spinning backfist KO.

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