Amateur Greek Soccer Club Gets Sponsorship Deal With Bordello That Includes Free “Services” If They Win (Video)

greek soccer club sponsored by whore house bordello

You’ve probably heard about how the Greek economy is in shambles, right? Well, as a result, the government has had to introduce a ton of spending cuts and austerity measures. And these cuts have apparently hit the country’s amateurs soccer clubs very hard.

Wait? What? The Greek government was sponsoring amateur sports clubs? Like, for adults? No wonder that country’s economy is in ruins.

Anyway, yes, the Greek government used to give money to amateurs soccer clubs. But now they don’t, and as a result, these clubs are struggling to survive.

However, one of them recently found a solution: sponsorship deals with the local bordellos.

No joke. The amateur soccer club Voukefalas—which is made up of students, pizza delivery men, waiters, and bartenders—recently agreed to be sponsored by two separate whore houses in Larissa, Greece. The first is called “Villa Erotica,” the second “Soula’s House of History.” So now they have pink jersey’s that feature the logos of these establishments.

Oh, and if they win, the whole team gets a free “night” at one of the brothels. Unfortunately, they have yet to win.

Now, prostitution is legal in Greece. However, this new sponsorship has still angered the Larissa soccer league in which Voukefalas competes. They say it violates “the sporting ideal,” whatever that means, and it’s inappropriate for underage fans, which is probably true.

Still, you gotta do what you gotta do, right?

As for the sponsor’s motives, according to Soula Alevridou, owner of the House of History, she’s simply doing it because she loves soccer and wants to help a local team. As she explains, hers is “not the kind of business that needs promotion.” And that’s probably true.

In any case, check out this news story on the situation. It’s hilarious:

Hat Tip – [Soccernet]

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