WNBA Coach Cheryl Reeve Threw A Jacket-Tossing Tantrum Last Night (Video)

 cheryl reeve wnba tantrum

You probably didn’t know this, but the WNBA Finals are currently underway.  And while the league’s 2012 season has been going on for about five months now, it wasn’t until last night that we were finally treated to a WNBA highlight worthy of its very own post.

So, what does this highlight that we speak of entail?   Just a wild tantrum that was thrown by Minnesota Lynx head coach Cheryl Reeve following a questionable no-call on her star guard, Lindsay Whalen.

After watching Whalen get mugged on her way to the basket during Game 2 of last night’s WNBA Finals, Reeve voiced her displeasure with the officials, earning herself a technical foul.

That was when sh*t really hit the fan, as Reeve ripped off her jacket and threw it at her assistant coach, Shelley Patterson, before being held back by her other assistant coach, Jim Peterson, who used his 6’10” frame to keep Reeve from getting at the officials.

And thanks to Peterson’s effective demonstration on how to properly box out an opponent—or in this case, an angry head coach—Reeve was able to remain in the game and watch her Lynx earn the crucial Game 2 victory over the Indiana Fever.

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