Two Bat Boys Were Almost Impaled By A Broken Bat Last Night In St. Louis (Video)

bat boys almost impaled by broken bat

Most people probably don’t realize it, but being a bat boy is one of the toughest jobs in the game of baseball. Sure, it looks like they get to just hang out with ballplayers and hand them equipment, but in actuality, they work somewhere between six and eight hours a day, doing everything from cleaning the clubhouse and lockers to shining shoes and running random errands.

So what do they get for all their long hours and hard work? Minimum wage.

Oh, and sometimes they almost get impaled by flying shards of broken baseball bats. In fact, that almost happened to two of them last night in St. Louis. In the top of the 6th during Game 3 of the NLCS between the Cardinals and Giants, Gregor Blanco’s bat shattered and flew toward the backstop, coming dangerously close to the BBs.

Check it out:

That was a close call. It wouldn’t have been the first time somebody was actually impaled by a broken bat on a baseball field. It happened to the Cubs’ Tyler Colvin back in 2010. But at least that guy was making $401,000 at the time.

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