9 Random Countries Where You Can Still Watch NHLers Play

where nhl players are playing during nhl lockout

Earlier this week, the NHL commissioner Gary Bettman surprised the hockey-loving world by presenting the locked-out NHL players with their first reasonable contract offer to date. Thus, while no one expected that offer to dissolve the impasse entirely, it seemed like it might move negotiations along and possibly salvage a full, 82-game season.

Of course, yesterday the NLHPA presented Bettman with three counteroffers, and let’s just say he was not impressed. So it looks like the NHL lockout won’t be ending this week after all, and we here in destined to go at least a few more months without hockey.

Obviously, that sucks for us. However, for many other countries across Europe, that’s fantastic news. Because you see, while they are locked out, a vast number of NHLers have decided to play in the various European leagues to keep their skills sharp and be ready when the NHL does resume.

And they didn’t all just head to the obvious destinations, like Russia, the Czech Republic, or Sweden. Some of them went to some countries you might not expect—and that just so happens to be the topic of today’s list: random countries where you can still watch NHLers play hockey. So, North American hockey fans, sit back and get ready to be jealous of placed like Latvia for the first time in your life.

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