Meet Kyna Treacy, The Bikini Model A-Rod Was Flirting With During Game 1 Of The ALCS (Video)


The Detroit Tigers made it to the World Series yesterday, which means the guy who just won the first triple crown since 1967 and the guy who won both the CY Young and MVP awards last year will be playing in the Fall Classic. And, of course, the St. Louis Cardinals are one win away from the World Series, where they could become the first team since the 1999 Yankees to repeat as champions.

But enough about that unimportant stuff. Let’s talk about what really matters: “Flirt-Gate.”

You’ve heard about “Flirt-Gate,” right? It was confirmed by the New York Yankees that, during Game 1 of the American League Championship Series between the Tigers and Yankees at Yankee Stadium, Alex Rodriguez flirted with a couple of hot chicks sitting behind the Yankees’ dugout during the game. Then, in the 9th inning, with the Yanks losing, A-Rod had a bat boy bring his balls—err, I mean, some balls—to the ladies, along with a note asking for their phone numbers. And word has it, yes, one of them gave Mr. September her digits, and the two actually did go on a date later that night.

So who was it?

Well, her name is Kyna Treacy. And it just so happens that she’s an Australian swimsuit model and designer. Here’s are photos of her with her friend, Kate Quinn, at the game:

kyna tracy and kate quinn yankees game a-rod flirting

And here is Kyna doing her thing as a bikini/lingerie model:


At least A-Roid has good taste. Of course, he also has a girlfriend in WWE Diva Torrie Wilson.


Anyway, the hard-hitting journalists over at Inside Edition actually tracked down Kyna and her friend and got them to do an interview. Here it is:

Now, obviously, there’s no way A-Rod is the first ballplayer to flirt with pretty girls during a game, and there’s no way he’s the first guy to score a date from such actions. Moreover, I think I speak for bikini-model-loving men everywhere when I say, yeah, on one level, it’s kind of awesome.

However, it’s the playoffs, dude! You’re making $29,000,000 this season.  During this time of year you need to turn the radar off and focus on the game. Especially when you wear navy pinstripes and play in the Bronx.

Hat Tip – [Deadspin]

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