After Clinching A World Series Berth, All Phil Coke Wanted To Do Was Rage (GIF)

phil coke rage

After watching Jose Valverde fail on consecutive save opportunities, during Game 4 of the ALDS and Game 1 of the ALCS, the Detroit Tigers turned to Phil Coke to close out their games.

He was on the mound to do just that with the Tigers leading the Yankees 8-1 in the top of the ninth during Game 4 of the ALCS last night.  And after recording the final out of the game and clinching the franchise’s first World Series birth since 2006, all Coke wanted to do was RAGE!!!

Check it out:

Phil Coke Rage

One a side note, is it me, or would Phil Coke sell a heck of a lot more jerseys if he wore #8?  After all, #40 seems more like a number for someone named “Colt,” not “Coke.”

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