Pro Wrestler Shawn Daivari Uses His Wrestling Skills To Throw An Unruly Drunk Passenger Off A Commuter Train (Video)

SHAWN DAIVARI wrestler throws drunk off train

Professional wrestling may be “fake,” but apparently it can provide you with skills that are very useful in real life. Just ask Shawn Daivari.

Though this pro wrestler has made a living in WWE, TNA, and a variety of independent promotions playing Middle Eastern bad guys who hate America, in actuality, he’s just a nice dude who was born and raised in Minnesota who just happens to have Persian parents. And a couple of weeks ago, Daivari finally got to use his wrestling moves while playing the good guy.

Daivari was on a light-rail train on his way to the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport when a drunken jackass started causing trouble. A man named Levin Blair, who passengers said was visibly drunk, started swearing when another passenger asked him to move so he could put his bike on the train’s bike rack. And, of course, when another passenger told Blair to sit down and shut up, the idiot became even more irate and started threatening to kill people.

That’s when Daivari decided enough was enough. He calmly took off his glasses and coat, then proceeded to put the unruly passenger in a headlock, followed by a scissor hold—at which point Blair passed out and pissed his pants.

At the next stop Daivari and another passenger threw Blair off the train. Then, he just sat there wondering what the hell just happened.

Fortunately, the whole thing was caught on the transit system’s security cameras. So now we all get to see what it’s like when a pro wrestler goes up against an idiot drunk.

Take a look:

Hopefully this will help Daivari get back to the WWE. And hopefully, this time, he’ll get to be a good guy.

Hat Tip – [L.A. Times]

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