Steven Hauschka Caught Urinating On Sideline During Last Night’s Seahawks-49ers Game (Video)

Steven Hauschka urinating

Despite being involved in only a limited number of plays throughout the course of a football game, NFL kickers must always be on the ball.  After all, at any moment they could be called upon to kick a field-goal, tack home an extra point, or deliver a kickoff following a score.  Perhaps no one knows this better than Seattle Seahawks kicker Steven Hauschka.

When nature called for Hauschka during last night’s game between the Seahawks and the 49ers, the Seattle kicker knew that his on-field duties did not afford him the luxury of being able to head back to the locker room to relieve himself.  So with the help of two Seahawks trainers and a couple of towels, Hauschka simply squatted behind a box and proceeded to water the grass along his team’s sideline…

…And one 49ers fan caught it all on his camera.

Check it out:

I must admit, there may be nothing in the world more annoying than having to watch a video with your head tilted sideways.  With that being said, we still get the idea of what was going on behind those towels.

P.S.  I sure hope this latest instance of sideline urination in the NFL gets its very own bikini model reenactment, much like Nick Novak‘s sideline pee-session received last season.

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