Watch A 600-Pound Black Marlin Jump Into A Boat (Video)

marlin jump into boat

Reeling in a 600-pound fish is no easy task.  In fact, at times it can be so tough that you have to believe there are some fishermen who wish the fish would simply save them the trouble and jump into the boat themselves.

The crew aboard “Little Audrey” may have been wishing for just that during their recent fishing trip along the coast of Cairns, Australia.  And if so, their wish was granted, as several of the men on board were sent sprawling onto the deck when a 600-pound black marlin leaped out from the water and into their boat, nearly impaling the cameraman.

Despite coming only inches away from being speared by the marlin’s snout, the cameraman was still able to capture some rather remarkable footage of this rather remarkable scene.

Check it out:

Hat Tip – [Clip Nation]

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