9 Disgraced Sports Heroes

disgraced sports heroes

We love turning sports stars into heroes. Is it fair or rational to do so? Maybe, maybe not.

On the one hand, pro athletes are just people like you or me, the only difference being that they were born with innate abilities the rest of us don’t have. Why do we expect them to serve as role models when you don’t expect the average guy walking down the street to serve as a role model? On the other hand, we do have some expectations for the average guy walking down the street. For example, we expect that he won’t be spewing obscenities, and that he will be wearing pants. And shouldn’t people getting paid millions of dollars to play sports be considered kind of a privileged? And isn’t it the fans who indirectly pay their salaries? And so don’t we have the right to expect these guys to live up to certain standards?

Well, however you feel about the issue, the fact is we do turn sports figures into heroes and, inevitably, some of them let us down. In fact, just today we learned that the biggest sports hero of his generation—Lance Armstrong—will be officially stripped of greatest accomplishments. So you know what that means: it’s the perfect time to take a look at the most disgraced sports heroes of all time.

Where does Lance fit in? You’ll have to keep reading to find out. So lets’ get started.