Exploding Flare Thrown At Injured Player And Medics During Greek Soccer Game (Video)

exploding flare greek soccer game

What’s that NHL Players? The NHL doesn’t want to give you your fare share of the hockey-related revenues? Oh, I’m so sorry to hear that. But hey, look on the bright side: at least nobody throws explosive deviced at you while you’re playing.

Soccer players, unfortunately, cannot say the same thing. A little over a month ago there was an epic flare war at a game in Thessalonica, and just a month ago a soccer player almost lost his hand when he picked up an exploding smoke grenade.

Today? Well, today we have video of an exploding flare almost injuring players and members of the training staff for Greek clubs Anorthosis and Omonia Nicosia.

Apparently, some hooligan among the Omonia supporters’ section threw an exploding flare onto the pitch on Sunday while Anthosis trainers were attending to a fallen player. The crazy thing is that members of both teams where present, not just Anorthosis, so whoever threw it was perfectly willing to sacrifice members of his own team in order to harm the opponents.

Luckily, it doesn’t seem as though anyone was critically injured. However, I wouldn’t be surprised to learn that some of the victims are experiencing hearing and vision problems today.

In any case, the scene was quite terrifying. Take a look for yourself:

Hat Tip – [101 Great Goals]

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