Some Really Smart Guy Ran Onto The Field In The Middle Of A Play During The Seminoles-Hurricanes Game (Video)

fan field invasion florida state miami football game

Fan field invasions are an all-too-common occurrence at major sporting events. However, not all invasions are created alike.

If we were going to rank them in terms of outcomes, then I’d say my favorite would either be the dude who got crushed by the security guard at Fenway or the kid who got shot with the taser in Philadelphia.

On the other hand, if we were going to rank them in terms of sheer audacity, then I’d say the best I’ve ever seen was the guy who invaded the field at a CFL game in a wheelchair. Because I mean, come on, that’s awesome, right?

Anyway, today we have another fan field invasion to share with you from Saturday’s Florida State-Miami game. And while it isn’t quite on the same level as the wheelchair pitch invader, it’s still pretty ballsy.

You see, the invader didn’t wait until a break in the action to wander out onto the field, nor did he pick a safe little nook away from the action to invade. Instead, he walked right onto the field at the 50-yard line, in the middle of a play.

It’s actually kind of a miracle he didn’t get his head knocked off. Take a look:

You have to love the audacity of drunk morons, don’t you?

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