Pacers’ Roy Hibbert Was Part Of A “Gangnam Style” Flash Mob (Video)

roy hibbert pacers gangnam style flash mob

The Indiana Pacers’ Roy Hibbert may have made only his first All-Star appearance last season, which was his fourth in the NBA. However, he’d already become a fan-favorite in Indianapolis thanks in large part to his special promotion called “Roy Hibbert’s Area 55.”

You see, for the last three years, Hibbert has personally purchased 55 season tickets (obvsiously, 55 is his number) that he gives to the most die-hard Pacers fans. The catch? They have to submit applications and undergo an audition to prove their dedication, and they have to agree to show up to every game and go nuts. The end result is a section of wacko Pacers fans that make every home game a ton of fun, and of course, a lot of good will toward the guy who foots the bill.

So why do I tell you this? Because yesterday the legend of Roy Hibbert and his Area 55 grew a little larger. The Pacers were throwing a “Meet the Rookies” event on Sunday at the Circle Centre Mall in Indianapolis when Hibbert and some of his Area 55 members treated everyone to a surprise flash mob performance of PSY’s “Gangnam Style.”

Take a look:

Sure, the whole flash mob thing may be getting a little old. But you know what’ll never get old? Watching a 7″2, 280-pound NBA center doing a silly dance. So I say hats off to Hibbert and company on this one.

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