A Couple Of AHL Goalies Duked It Out Saturday Night (Video)

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Hey, NHL, who needs you? You think other hockey leagues don’t give us great goals and line brawls?  Well, they do!  And while sometimes the highlights from these other leagues aren’t quite as impressive at the ones we’d get from the NHL,that certainly isn’t always the case.

Take this goalie fight from Saturday night, for example. It’s from a game between Ottawa’s AHL affiliate, the Binghamton Senators, and Tampa Bay’s AHL affiliate, the Syracuse Crunch. The Senators’ 6’3″, 220-pound goalie, Robin Lehner, got sick and tired of Syracuse players falling all over him in the crease. So after one particularly ridiculous pile-up, he got up and started punching the first guy in blue he could find.

Of course, that guy happened to be fighting someone else at the time, which meant Syracuse’s goalie, Riku Helenius, felt the need to skate to the other end of the ice and give Lehner someone to fight. And while Helenius is no shrimp himself at 6’3″, 203 pounds, Lehner mopped the ice with him.

Check it out:

Keep up the good work, AHL. We’ll need more stuff like this if those NHL idiots can’t save their season.

Hat Tip – [The Score]

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