The 13 Greatest Comebacks in MLB Postseason History

greatest comebacks baseball mlb playoff postseason history

Well, last night the San Francisco Giants became only the 12th MLB team to come back from a 3-1 deficit in a best-of-seven series. So the topic for today’s list was a no-brainer: best postseason comebacks in MLB history. It includes all twelve 3-1 comebacks, plus one comeback from a best-of-give series, and while a few of them are obvious because they’re more fresh in our collective baseball consciousness, some of them have probably been forgotten.

In any case, what’s really interesting here is that there are a few teams that appear on the list more than once on the same end of the outcome. The Red Sox, for example, make three appearances, and all on the winning side, while the Royals make two. But even more amazingly, the Cardinals appear four times, and all on the losing side.

Seriously, 33% of all 3-1 comebacks in the history of Major League Baseball have come at the expense of the St. Louis Cardinals. And it’s not even like they are postseason chumps. The Redbirds have won 11 World Series titles (second only to the Yankees) and boast the 5th best World Series winning percentage of any team with more than two appearances. So apparently with this franchise it’s either feast or famine.

But this list isn’t about who lost. It’s about who won. So let’s get started and see who pulled off the biggest postseason comebacks in the history of baseball.

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