Leeds United Fan That Attacked Sheffield Wednesday Keeper Chris Kirkland Gets 4 Months In Jail (Video)

soccer fan attack sheffield goalie

This past Friday, during an EPL match between Leeds United and Sheffield Wednesday (a rivalry called the Yorkshire Derby), the sports world was presented with the perfect example for why teams around the world take the issue of field invasions so seriously.

In the 77th minute, a deranged Leeds fan ran onto the pitch and assaulted Sheffield keeper Chris Kirkland, moments after he had given up a goal.

Have a look for yourself:

So while field invasions are often humorous to spectators, you can understand why they make players uncomfortable. You never know what the hell these drunken idiots are going to do.

Interestingly, the local authorities may have set a new speed record for finding, arresting, convicting, and sentencing this moron. It turns out his name is Aaron Cawley, he’s 21 years old, was extremely drunk, and has a history of causing trouble at soccer games. In this case, he says he doesn’t even remember punching Kirkland and only found out about it when a friend texted him while he was on the train heading back home—a plausible story, considering he claims to have consumed three-quarters of a liter of Vodka, 7-10 pints of cider, and a few strong lagers before the game.

On second thought, it’s actually kind of amazing this guy was able to walk, let along punch somebody.

In any case, Cawley pled guilty to assault and wrote apologies to both teams, but he still got sentenced to four months in jail and banned from soccer games for 5 years.

Hopefully that’ll help him sober up, although, we certainly wouldn’t bet on it.

Hat Tip – [Telegraph]

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