Hunter Pence’s Tricky Broken Bat Double Broke Things Open For The Giants Last Night (Video)

Hunter Pence broken bat NLCS

We’ve already awarded the “Stat Line of the Night” to Marco Scutaro, but we easily could have bestowed that honor upon his Giants teammate, Hunter Pence.  After all, in addition to his one run and two RBIs on the night, the 29-year-old right fielder also accomplished the rare feat of recording three hits in a single at bat.

It all took place during the bottom of the third inning with the bases loaded, no outs, and the Giants leading by a score of 2-0, as Pence’s broken bat made contact with the ball a total of three times, fooling Cardinals shortstop Pete Kozma just enough to allow the ball to squeak past him and into the outfield.  The end result was a bases-clearing double, a 5-0 Giants lead, and yet another broken bat highlight from the NLCS.

And just in case you live under a rock and still aren’t sure how this story ends, the Giants scored four more runs in the game, earning the 9-0 victory and a trip to the World Series, where they will face the Detroit Tigers.

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