Watch Little Person Mani Love Beat Terrell Owens In A Game Of One-On-One Hoops (Video)

mani love vs. terrell owens basketball

Remember earlier this month when we told you about Mani Love, the “world’s best little person basketball player”?

Well, he’s received a lot of notoriety since his highlight reel from the Venice Basketball League went viral, so it seems a lot of guys want a shot at the diminutive street baller. And one of those guys, apparently, is the currently unemployed Terrell Owens.

The two recently “ran into each other” at the gym (it was almost certainly arranged by promotors of the VBL) and decided to play a pickup game, one-on-one. And, of course, they got the whole thing on video.

As you’ll see, T.O.’s strategy is basically “shoot the ball from wherever, because I’m 6’3″ and he’s 4’5″ and he couldn’t block a shot to save his life.” That strategy worked for a while. However, the 38-year-old Owens didn’t seem to be in tip-top shape anymore. So, eventually, the slick and speedy Mani Love started to wear him out, and T.O. started missing more and more shots. Then Love began to use his speed to blow past Owens and head to the basket, or to get back to the perimeter and hit a jumper before Owens could get back to cover him. And pretty soon it was game over: Mani Love 15, Terrell Owens 14.

Afterward, Owens admited, “he had me gasping for air a couple of times.” Then he issued his official endorsement: “Don’t believe the height. Little man got game.”

Here’s a condensed version of the game:

And here’s the entire thing:

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