This Morose Florida Gators Fan Will Give You The Creeps (Video)

creepy florida gators fan 2

Usually college football fans can be counted on to be pretty animated. They do keg stands, they get into fights, they make obscene gestures, and, of course, they dance around like crazy people. But rarely do they stand completely still amidst a throng of screaming college girls and look like they’re about to kill someone.

However, there’s always an exception to the rule.

Last weekend, the Florida Gators treated the South Carolina Gamecocks to a 44-11 thrashing on national television. You would think, therefore, that every single UF fan in attendance at The Swamp would be pretty ecstatic. However, that was not the case.

Have a look at the creeper that the Fox camera’s caught standing in the student section late in the game:

I counted. Everybody else in the vicinity blinked somewhere between 4 and 7 times while on camera. Not the president of the Future Serial Killers of America, though. He doesn’t blink once. He just stares blankly off into space.

This guy is definitely the creepiest college football fan you’ll see all year.

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