This Fake Telephone Conversation Between Tom Couglin and Jim Leyland Is Hilarious (Audio)

tom coughlin calls jim leyland before world series

In case you haven’t noticed, teams all across Major League Baseball are starting to hire young, and in some cases, unproven guys as managers. A couple of years ago the Yankees replaced Joe Torre with Joe Girardi, and the Braves replaced Bobby Cox with Fredi Gonzalez. Then, prior to this season, the White Sox hired Robin Ventura and the Cardinals replaced old-timer Tony LaRussa with whippersnapper Mike Matheny.

What’s really interesting about this new trend is that all of these “young” managers have done pretty well for themselves. Girardi won a World Series in 2009, Gonzalez led the Braves to the postseason this year, Ventura almost led the Sox to an AL Central crown, and Matheny’s Cardinals were only one win away from the World Series.

However, being close only counts in horseshoes. And of the two teams who actually did make the World Series this year, one of them happens to be managed by the third-oldest manager in baseball: the Detroit Tigers’ Jim Leyland.

This guy will be 68 years old in December, and he’s been a major league manger since 1986—a fact which did not go unnoticed by Mike Richards of TSN 1050 Radio.

You see, this morning on “Mike Richards in the Morning,” the eponymous sports talk radio host poked some fun at Leyland’s, um, “vast experience” by staging a fake telephone conversation between the Tigers coach and fellow 67-year-old curmudgeon Tom Coughlin of the New York Giants.

Have a listen:

It’s pretty funny stuff. Of course, if the Tigers win their first World Series title since 1984, Jim Leyland and recent Super Bowl champ Tom Coughlin will probably say, “Laugh all you want, young punks. We’ve got the rings!”

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