Granny Can’t Stop Cheering For The Giants During Game One (Video)

giants granny

Most baseball fans will be tuning in to Game 2 of the World Series tonight to see if the Tigers can bounce back, or if we’re in for another Pablo Sandoval show.  But not me!

Sure, I’ll still be tuning in to watch tonight’s game at AT&T Park, but my focus won’t be on the Tigers’ ability to bounce back, or Sandoval’s performance at the plate.  Instead, my focus will be on whether this senior female Giants fan will be in the stands once again, and whether or not the FOX cameras will be kind enough to give her some more air time.

If not, at least we’ll still have the following clip to remember her by:

I’m not a fan of either team, but this Giants Granny kind of makes me want to root for the home team tonight.

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