Here’s Footage Of A Florida Teen Getting Hit By A Car While Filming A Recruit Video

florida recruit hit by car

Flipping over a defender during a high school football scrimmage and capturing it all on tape is a great way to get college football recruiters to notice you.

Attempting , and failing, to jump over a moving vehicle and capturing it all on tape, on the other hand, is a great way to land yourself in the hospital….and on several sports blogs, like ours.

Bladimir Barreto,19, from Palm Bay, Florida learned the latter lesson the hard way, as he was attempting to jump over a car being driven by his 17-year-old brother (who doesn’t have his license), but didn’t quite get enough air, causing him to flip several times before crashing hard onto the pavement.  According to the YouTube description, Barreto probably won’t be playing for any college football programs anytime soon, as he suffered multiple injuries, including compound fractures to each of his legs, and a serious head injury.

As for Bladimir’s brother who was driving the vehicle, he could be facing charges for driving without a license and reckless driving.

Check it out:

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