Quebec Minor Hockey Coach Suspended 10 Years For Punching A Player (Video)

quebec hockey coach punch player

A brutal scene unfolded on the ice in Saguenay, Quebec over the weekend that has left the Quebec Ice Hockey Federation in shock.

During Saturday’s Midget A game between the Chicoutimi Cougars and the Jonquière Pumas, the unthinkable happened when a skirmish unfolded near the Jonquière bench, as Pumas coach André Harvey lost control of his emotions and punched an opposing player.

In case you were wondering, the players involved were 16-years-old, and Harvey wasn’t the only one who lost his temper, as footage also shows players attacking a fallen referee moments later.

Suspensions are currently being handed down by the league, and the first member of this melee to be suspended was Harvey, who has been banned from the league for 10-years.  There is also one more coach and another three players that are still awaiting word on how long they will be suspended for.

Here is a look at the scene that unfolded on the ice in Saguenay on Saturday.

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