This Field Hockey Goal Is Ridiculously Awesome (Video)

amazing field hockey goal

You might assume upon reading the title of this post that, with the NHL lockout still ongoing, we here at TotalProSports are getting really desperate for some kind of hockey highlights to fill the void. And while, yes, that is sort of true, the fact is that this field hockey goal is so awesome that we would have shown it to you even if there was no NHL lockout.

It comes from an NCAA women’s field hockey game between the Richmond Spiders and the Temple Owls from this past Sunday. Spiders midfielder Rebecca Barry takes a pass and streaks down the wing, past a defender, then juggles the ball on her stick and flicks it over the goalie before smacking it into the open net.

Yes, it’s as awesome as it sounds. Check it out:

The funny thing is, the slow-motion replay they give you doesn’t really do the play justice. It looks pretty easy when you slow it down, but in order to fully appreciate it, you have to watch it at full speed.

Anyway, Barry is a sophomore from Limerick, Ireland, where field hockey is pretty big. So keep an eye out for her at the Olympics in 2016.

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