South Carolina Running Back Marcus Lattimore Suffers Gruesome Leg Break (Video)

marcus lattimore leg break

Football is one unforgiving sport. Guys train and prepare and get their heads bashed in for years hoping they’ll one day get to the NFL—or at least get a free ride to college—and yet, on any one play, all their hopes and dreams could come crashing down.

And that is almost certainly what poor Marcus Lattimore was fearing as he lay on the ground this past Saturday. The South Carolina running back was running the ball in the second quarter against SEC rival Tennessee when a brutal hit by linebacker Herman Lathers made Lattimore’s knee bend in a way that no knee ever should.

Here’s video of the injury, but be warned: it is pretty gruesome. So if you’re at all squeamish, you might want to skip it. However, if you wish to go ahead, the pertinent moments are the 0:14 mark and the 0:54 mark.

Take a look:

That is one gruesome injury. Obviously, everyone who saw this feared the absolute worst for this kid. I mean, did you see the panic on his face?

However, apparently doctors do not think this injury will end his football career. Amazingly, he “only” suffered a dislocated knee and some ligament damage. Lattimore will require surgery and serious rehabilitation, but, considering the fact that it looked like he snapped every ligament and broke off the tip of his femur, this news is actually pretty good news.

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