Florida Coach Will Muschamp Gives Us The Angriest Expression In Sports History (Video & GIF)

will muschamp floridan coach pissed off

After last week, the Florida Gators were ranked No. 2 in the country, had committed just four turnovers during their 7-0 start, and were starting the think about a possible SEC Championship match-up against Alabama in December.

Unfortunately, all that changed on Saturday.  Facing the No. 10 ranked Georgia Bulldogs, the Gators suddenly got incredibly—and almost comically—sloppy, as they turned the ball over a whopping six times (four fumbles, two interceptions) in a brutal 17-9 loss to Georgia that could end up keeping them out of the BCS picture altogether.

So, um, needless to say, second-year head coach Will Muschamp was not pleased. And if you’d like to know how displeased he was, all you need to do is look at this video. It shows Muschamp having a not-so-friendly chat with tight end Clay Burton.

Here’s the video:

And, of course, it’s already been turned into an animated GIF. So here’s that:

will muschamp pissed off gif

I don’t know about you, but that is about as deadly a look as I’ve ever seen on a coach’s face in any sport. The funny thing is, Clay Burton didn’t even commit one of the team’s fumbles, but Trey Burton did. But I guess Muschamp just wanted to yell at somebody named Burton.

In any case, Muschamp is lucky looks cannot kill. If they could, he’d be sitting in a jail cell in Duval County, Florida, today, waiting to be arranged on charges of second-degree murder.

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