Drunk High School Football Field Intruder Gets Beat Up By A Dozen Dads (Video)

sacramento drunk field intruder

When a drunk teen strips off his clothes and goes running across the field during a high school football game, fans will usually cheer him on in hopes of witnessing a great escape.  However, that all changes when said drunk fan is wearing a black strap-on and begins hurling empty bottles in the players’ direction.

And in case you were wondering where we came up with the idea of a strap-on-wearing, bottle-hurling field intruder, well, that was the type of character that fans and players were greeted with during a Sacramento high school football game between Placer and Colfax on Friday.

After strolling nonchalantly onto the field in a drunken daze with his interesting choice of attire, the dude proceeds to empty a bottle onto the field and toss it in the direction of the referees.  He then walks over to the football and picks it up, but he doesn’t get to hold onto it for long, as he is drilled from behind by a spectator, and jumped by several other dads and one on-duty officer in the area.  Finally, following a long struggle to calm down the intoxicated fella, he is eventually handcuffed and escorted off the field to a standing ovation…

…Although, I’m still not sure whether that ovation was for the drunk field intruder, or for the dozen men who successfully subdued him after a long, hard-fought struggle.

Check it out:

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