Terrible Karate Skills Earn This Kid a One-Second Knockout Loss and a Trip to the Hospital (Video)

karate knockout one kick

I don’t know much about Karate. In fact, I know pretty much nothing about it, except that it was invented in Okinawa (no, really, it’s true—I didn’t just assume that based on The Karate Kid).

However, as with all combat sports, I would assume that, in order to prevent easy knockouts, you’re supposed to make it difficult for your opponent to kick you in the head. After all, if you don’t, stuff like this is going to happen. Or stuff like this.

In any case, my assumption that you’re supposed to block kicks to the head leads me to draw the following conclusion about the kid in the video you are about to watch: he sucks at Karate.

Why? Because pretty much as soon as the match begins, his opponent knocks him out with a swift kick to the noggin.

Check it out:

According to the person who posted the vid on YouTube, the poor kid was knocked out for a few minutes after this kick, before being taken to the hospital. And while we can’t confirm that this is indeed what happened, based on what we see here, that sounds about right.

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