Angry Hockey Fans Create NHL Lockout Pumpkins

Hockey fans across North America have let their feelings regarding the current NHL lockout be known through a variety of mediums. Some have voiced their disapproval for the strike through the use of songs and videos, while others have taken part in flash mobs in an effort to rekindle the rocky relationship between the players and the owners.  And now, in the spirit of Halloween, there are a few fans who are showing their anger regarding the lack of hockey through their pumpkins.

That’s right!  At least two NHL fans have whipped out their knives and carved disgruntled messages into their pumpkins in an effort to let it be known how they feel about the NHL being M.I.A. during this Halloween season.

The first, from Puck Daddy, features an image of Calvin urinating on the NHL symbol.

nhl lockout pumpkin 1

As for the second, from Senators Extra, it’s just your standard NHL symbol on a pumpkin with a lock tied around it.

nhl lockout pumpkin 2

Carving a pumpkin seems like a simple way to get your message across, doesn’t it?  And it probably takes a lot less time than creating a video, or setting up a hockey game at the mall.  Although, you’d have to think that for most NHL fans these days, spare time isn’t very hard to come by.

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