Watch NBA Commissioner David Stern Awkwardly Mistake Hurricane Sandy For Hurricane Katrina (Video)

david stern hurrican sandy katrina

Back in 2005, some people accused former U.S. President George W. Bush of being too slow to respond to the crisis presented by Hurricane Katrina. Kanye West even went so far as to say that the former president doesn’t like black people!

But say what you want about George W, at least he finally took action in the same year as the disastrous storm. As for NBA commissioner David Stern, it took him a full seven years to finally express his concerns for the victims of Katrina.

Just take a look at what he said last night before the Heat-Celtics game in Miami:

Yeah, um, Dave? I think you mean Hurricane Sandy, buddy.

Hurricane Sandy is the storm that just flooded the Eastern seaboard. It was kind of all over the news and social media. I’m kind of surprised that “Hurricane Sandy” doesn’t just roll off your tongue by now. The rest of us have heard about nothing but Hurricane Sandy for like five days now.

I know you just announced that you’ll be retiring in February of 2014, but maybe you should consider moving that date up a bit. You seem to be slipping a bit, and you were never all that great to begin with.

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