25 Hilarious Basketball Fail GIFs

basketball fail gifs

I don’t know about you, but I’ve been so preoccupied with the NFL, the MLB postseason, and the fact that there is no NHL that the 2012-13 NBA season kind of snuck up on me. It seems like just yesterday we were watching the USA All-Stars romp at the London 2012 Olympics and talking about the big off-season additions to the Los Angeles Lakers. Now, all of a sudden, the NBA is back, and I’m just not in the basketball spirit. So today I thought I’d do myself a favor (and anyone else out there like me) and get into the basketball spirit in the best way I know how: by looking at a bunch of hilarious animated GIFs of basketball fails. Take a look, and get yourself pumped up for what I think will be a very interesting NBA season.

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