Racist Chelsea Fan Mars The Blues’ Amazing 5-4 Win Over Manchester United

Racism has long been a problem in the world of soccer. In fact, just two weeks ago we told you about a nasty incident at an under-21 match between England and Serbia that ended in a riot, thanks in part to racist chants from the home crowd.

However, the English Premiership had largely been credited with stamping out racism on the field and in the stands.

Unfortunately, recent events are going to negate this reputation.

On Sunday, a contentious and controversial Premier League match between Chelsea and Manchester United was made all the more controversial when Chelsea claimed that referee Mark Clattenburg called Nigerian Jon Obi Mikel a monkey. Whether or not this actually happened remains to be seen, but either way it’s a very serious problem.

Making the whole situation more tense was the fact that Chelsea and Man U would face off again on Wednesday night in a League Cup match. For obvious reasons, everyone was afraid someone would once again do something stupid to stoke the flames of the controversy.

Well, these fears proved founded. Someone did indeed do something stupid.

It was this guy:

racist chelsea fan 1

Here’s a closer look:

racist chelsea fan

Obviously, this is a Manchester United fan trying to get further under the skin of the already-incensed Chelsea team, right?

Yeah, no. It’s a Chelsea fan. Just days after the team claims to have been treated unfairly by a racist referee, one of their own fans was making racist gestures at Manchester United’s Danny Welbeck.

Did he think this was some kind of sick, racist justice? Who knows. All we really know it that he’s a piece of human garbage who marred his team’s incredible come-from-behind 5-4 win.

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