Dutch Soccer Association Makes Pretty Clever Commercial In Support Of Gay Athletes (Video)

commercial supporting gay athletes

In the world of Soccer, most of the focus when it comes to the issue of intolerance among players and fans seems to focus on racism. And, in truth, there is good reason for this, since racist incidents just keep popping up on or near the pitch again and again.

However, racism isn’t the only human rights problem facing soccer. Homophobia is also an issue, as it is in pretty much every sport. And a few weeks ago, the Royal Dutch Football Association released a pretty hilarious television commercial in the Netherlands promoting acceptance of LGBT athletes.

Check it out:

Obviously, the idea is that it’s hard to be a member of a team when you’re in the closet. It’s pretty clever, really.

Of course, some observers have said the absurdity of the commercial makes light of the very serious issues that often keep gay athletes from coming out.

However, I say we should all just relax and stop taking everything so seriously all the time. Obviously bullying and hate speech are social problems that have to be dealt with. But maybe sometimes it’s okay to make people laugh instead of making them cry. And maybe if you don’t start a conversation by calling someone a homophobe and putting them on the defensive, they’ll be more open to your ideas. Just maybe.

In any case, this commercial certainly has gotten people to talk about the issue. And isn’t that the point?

Hat Tip – [BuzzFeed]

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