Thunder Coach Scott Brooks Blows Kendrick Perkins’s Mind with Complicated “Get the Ball to KD” Strategy (Video)

hilarious conversation between kendrick perkins and scott brooks

After Game 4 of the NBA Finals last year, Oklahoma City center Kendrick Perkins questioned some of the moves made by coach Scott Brooks. Afterward, he backtracked a bit, saying he wasn’t trying to second-guess his coach and that he supported him all the way. But, you know, people remember that sort of thing.

So coming into this season, apparently, Coach Brooks has decided to really simplify things for Perkins so that there are no more misunderstandings.

And that simplification led to the following hilarious interaction between the two on the sidelines during last night’s game between the Thunder and Spurs:

See? Brooks has simplified Perkins’s job to one simple rule: get the ball to Kevin Durant.

Unfortunately, Kendrick needs to practice the “get the ball to Kevin” play just a little bit more. But hey, you can at least see from his reaction that he’s willing to learn and accept responsibility for his mistakes.

In any case, you gotta love it when players and coaches are mic’d up.

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