Tim Duncan Posterized Serge Ibaka Last Night (Video)

tim duncan posterize serge ibaka

An impressive stat line wasn’t the only thing Tim Duncan was putting together last night.  The Spurs’ forward was also creating a picture-perfect poster image, thanks to some help from the Thunder’s Serge Ibaka.

Ibaka led the NBA in blocks last season with a whopping 241 (an average of 3.65 blocks per game), and with one block already–against Tim Duncan–earlier in the game, he probably thought he had another on this play.

But as you are about to see, Ibaka couldn’t have been more wrong to assume such.

Check it out:

You’ve got to believe that there’s at least one Duncan fan out there who will have that poster on his wall some day.

Ibaka would get some revenge, as he recorded his second block of the game against Duncan in the fourth quarter, but in the end it was Duncan and the Spurs emerging with the 86-84 victory.

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