Check Out This Post-Game Bench-Clearing Brawl from the Elite Ice Hockey League in Great Britain (Video)

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The Cardiff Devils of the U.K.’s Elite Ice Hockey League got into a huge line brawl after one of their games back on October 28. And that was a full week before Paul “BizNasty” Bissonnette made his debut with the team.

Maybe it was just part of their plan to woo the NHL pugilist (and Twitter sensation) to Wales?

The incident happened on October 28. The Devils were at home in Cardiff hosting EIHL rivals, the Coventry Blaze, and, as you might expect, there were a couple of fights during the game. After all, no matter where it’s played, hockey is hockey, right?

However, things got really nasty after the game. While players were skating around for the traditional post-game handshake (apparently, that’s what they do in the British league), another fight broke out. Then another. And then some fans got into a fight with a player.

It was all pretty crazy. Here’s some footage shot by a fan in the stands:

And here’s some footage as shown on a local news report:

The whole scene resulted in one-game suspensions for a Coventry player and one of the Cardiff coaches, and a six-game suspension for another Cardiff player.

As for the fan who jumped into the action, he’s been banned from Cardiff Devils games, and will likely be facing some criminal chargers given the fact that the police had to be called to the scene.

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