Chuck Pagano Gives Moving Speech to Colts Following Their Victory on Sunday (Video)

chuck pagano inspirationa speech following colts victory

Can you beat cancer through sheer determination alone? Probably not. But being determined certainly helps. And judging by what Indianapolis Colts head coach Chuck Pagano had to say following his team’s big victory on Sunday, he’s certainly doing his part to kick cancer’s butt.

As you may know, Pagano, in just his first year as head coach of the Colts, was diagnosed with Leukaemia back on September 26. At that point he had to leave the team to focus on his treatment, which includes several rounds of chemotherapy. He’s been in touch with the coaching staff and players via email and text, of course, but he hadn’t been able to come to any practices or games.

That changed on Sunday. In between rounds one and two of his chemotherapy, Pagano left the hospital for the day to attend the Colts’ game against the Miami Dolphins in Indy. He wasn’t running things, obviously, but he played a big part in their eventual victory, nonetheless, simply by being there and inspiring his players to be better than everyone expected.

Then, after the game, he gave this emotional speech:

(Warning: may cause goosebumps.)

There’s no telling if the Colts’ magical and surprising run will last. But right now they are sitting at 5-3, and they own one of the AFC’s two wildcard spots. So hats off to them.

And hats off to Coach Pagano for inspiring his team, and all of us.  Get well soon Chuck!

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