Female Soccer Play Takes Two Throw-Ins To The Face (Video)

soccer throw-in to the face

Three years ago, when I watched an amateur soccer player deliver a front-flip throw-in to the face of his opponent, I was quite certain that I would never see another amateur soccer game produce such a hilarious highlight.

And while the following video of a female soccer player taking not one, but two throw-ins to the face might not change that, it sure has come awfully close.

Check it out:

After watching that, I can’t help but question the reaction from some of the parents in the stands, especially those sarcastically yelling “that’s a class act.”  Did they ever think that perhaps this wasn’t on purpose, and instead, was simply the result of some incredibly poor throwing accuracy?  After all, we are talking about a New England Small College Athletic Conference game, so these young ladies aren’t exactly oozing with talent.

So, what do you think?  Accident?  Or not?

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