Sprinkler Fail: Liverpool Supporters Get Soaked By Unexpected Shower (GIF)

liverpool fans soaked by faulty sprinkler

The forecast didn’t call for rain on Sunday evening in Liverpool, and it didn’t rain. Not in most places, anyway. Sure, it was a bit on the cool side, but really, it should have been a pretty nice night to take in a soccer game at historic Anfield.

Unfortunately for the fans sitting in the first 20 rows of the main stands, it did rain on them when a sprinkler malfunctioned during halftime. The thing showered them with water for a good thirty seconds before it was shut off.

Luckily, it happened to the home crowd and not the visitor’s section, or there probably would have been a good old-fashioned soccer riot. (Though, for obviously reasons, there wouldn’t have been any flares.)

Here’s a GIF that captures the untimely sprinkling, as well as one fan’s response to it:

liverpool fans soaked by sprinker gif

I’m not sure if it was any consolation to the soggy cheering section, but at least Liverpool would go on to tie the game in the second half and hold on for a 1-1 draw.

Still, they probably would have preferred a fog machine malfunction like we saw at the Detroit Pistons game last week. That delayed the game, but at least none of those fans had to choose between leaving the game early, or catching a pneumonia from sitting around in the cold for 45 minutes while soaking wet.

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