Stat Line Of The Night — 11/4/12 — Doug Martin

doug martin

Props to Andrew Luck for breaking the NFL record for passing yards in a single game by a rookie quarterback, with 433, but he wasn’t even the most impressive rookie on this day…

…Not even close.

Instead, that honor belongs to Tampa Bay Buccaneers running back Doug Martin, who ran the ball 25 times for an incredible 251 yards and four touchdowns during a 42-32 victory over the Oakland Raiders.

Martin didn’t break the single-game record for most rushing yards by a rookie running back–Adrian Peterson rushed for 296 yards against the Chargers during his rookie season– but he did set the Bucs’ franchise record for most yards and touchdowns in a single game.  And he also became the first player in NFL hisotry with touchdown runs of 70-plus, 65-plus and 45-plus yards in a game.

Martin was obviously a key factor in the Bucs’ victory, and he was also a key factor in many fantasy football league victories on Sunday, as his 262 total yards and four touchdowns earned owners a whopping 50-points in standard scoring leagues.  As a result, he’s an easy choice for the “Stat Line of the Night” for Sunday, November 4, 2012.

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