NFL Referee Tony Corrente Unleashes Expletive With His Mic On (Video)

tony corrente god dammit

NFL referees are responsible for keeping things clean during games so that the content on the field doesn’t offend those watching in person, or on television.  And while everyone understands that the refs are human and every once in a while they may miss a call and allow a dangerous play to go unpeanalized, no one expects them to be personally responsible for any of the not-so-family-friendly content that may unfold within the field of play.

That’s what was so surprising about the events that unfolded with just over five minutes remaining in the Colts-Dolphins game on Sunday, as Tony Corrente unleashed a rant on one of his fellow officials, which included him yelling “that was god d*mmit” at his partner.  And, to make matters worse, his microphone was still on, allowing the 18-year veteran’s words to be heard by all of the fans in the stands, as well as those watching at home on television.

Check it out:

While Corrente probably should have payed more attention to the positioning of his microphone’s power switch, we won’t get on the guy’s case too much.  After all, as points out, all he really did was subject “the children of America to a phrase used 12 times by their fathers during the game’s first three quarters.”

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