25 Iconic Sports Mustaches

sports moustaches

Well, it’s November again, and you know what that means: terrible mustaches, everywhere you look. It’s all in the name of charity, of course. Back in 1999, some dudes drinking beer in a pub in Australia decided to grow mustaches throughout the month of November to raise money for charity. They called it “Movember,” and a tradition was born. Now, all over the globe, men are growing mustaches to raise awareness and money for prostate cancer research.

Of course, no where has Movember caught on as in the world or sports. Every year sports personalities of all kinds—from athletes to coaches to media folk—grow Movember mustaches to help raise awareness of men’s health issues. Some of these staches are pretty terrible. But some are kind of amazing.

But it’s not like amazing mustaches are a new phenomenon in the sports world. For as long as grown men have been paid to play children’s games for a living, there have been iconic mustaches. And today, in honor of Movember, we bring you 25 of these iconic lip rugs. Enjoy, and get inspired!