Eagles’ Riley Cooper Was Hiding In The End Zone During This Kickoff Trick Play (GIFs)

riley cooper trick play lying down in end zone

Football has given us a lot of incredible trick plays over the years. For example, we’ve seen backwards over-the-head touchdown passes. We’ve seen the old “just stroll nonchalantly through the defensive line” play. We’ve seen the “wrong ball” trick. And of course we’ve seen the fake incomplete pass play…twice.

It’s no secret why teams try trick plays: they work.

And that brings us to the Philadelphia Eagles. They haven’t been getting a lot of results from conventional plays. So last night on Monday Night Football against the Saints in New Orleans, they unleashed a brand new trick play that I, for one, have never seen before.

On a New Orleans kickoff, Eagles wide receiver Riley Cooper hid in the end zone. Seriously. He lay down, head to the turf, on top of the Saints end zone logo so that the Saints players wouldn’t see him. Then, when the ball was caught, he popped up and received a lateral pass from Brandon Boykin and ran past all the defenders for a touchdown.

It was one of the best trick plays ever.

Of course, there was just one problem. That lateral pass? Yeah, it wan’t actually Rather, it traveled forward by about a yard. So the TD was nullified.

Take a look:


And here’s another view, from TheBigLead:

The sad thing is that this play will never work again. Not for the Eagles, anyway. So it goes down as wasted genius.

Oh, and of course, Philly also lost the game, 28-13.

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