Texas HS Football Player Returns Missed Field-Goal 109.9 Yards For The Touchdown (Video)

field goal kick returned for touchdown

Remember a few weeks ago when we told you about that incredible high school football kicker in Spokane, Washington, who kicked an insane 67-yard field goal?

Well, unfortunately, the kicker for the Edinburgh North football team in Edinburgh, Texas, is not that good. Not even close.

You see, on Friday night, the Edinburgh North Cougars traveled to Mission, Texas, to take on the Sharyland Cougars. And when a 44-yard field goal attempt by the Edinburgh kicker fell short of the uprights, waiting for it was Sharyland’s Sean Landez.

He put his toes right up to the line and reached over the back of end zone to catch the ball. Then, after regaining his balance, he ran it all the way back to the other end of the field for the longest touchdown in the history of American football.

No big deal.

Check it out:

Now, obviously, this might not be formally recognized at the longest touchdown ever. But it is. You can’t get further away from your end zone than Landez was on that play.

But do you want to know the really crazy thing? That was the second TD return on the night from Landez. The other one was just a measly 92 yards.

Hat Tip – [Prep Rally]

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