This Florida Gators Fan Partied a Little Too Hard Before the Game (Video)

drunk florida gators fan

When I was in college, I always knew that if I partied a little too hard, my friends had my back. They’d make sure I didn’t do anything too embarrassing and they always got me back home safe and sound. But apparently that’s not how it works anymore. Or at least, not in Florida.

At a recent Florida Gators game, one orange-and-blue overall-wearing young man had a little too much fun tailgating, and so he found himself barely able to stand during the actual game. But his buddies didn’t take him home and get him to bed or anything. Oh no. Rather, they left him there, standing in the warm Florida sun, about to teeter over. And, of course, they made sure to catch the whole thing on video, then post it to YouTube.

Take a look:

“Hey guys, thanks for posting that video of me drunk and about to pass out on YouTube. My mom really thought it was hilarious.”

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